The North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB) is North America's largest network of independent business brokers currently covering 150 Locations Across 32 states. NAABB was formed in 2011 by A.S. Radin & Associates owner Scott Radin as the culmination of both 10 years business broker practice and national business broker training. Since 2001, Scott has been a successful broker in Western New York and he developed a previous business broker network that not only laid the groundwork for NAABB but was also featured in an International publication. NAABB has forged their own niche in the industry by balking at the traditional business broker practices by focusing on quality representation instead of the old practice of listing businesses like a real estate firm.

We have done thousands of Business Valuations nationwide and almost always find more value than the owner (or buyer) anticipated. The methods and formulas we use are the same as used by lenders to determine the amount they will lend on a business. Our business valuation reports are being used by owners considering selling and by buyers wanting their own independent valuation before placing an offer. Our business valuations are perfect for placing the market value on a business. A Business Market Valuation shows what a business is worth and can sell for at this moment. We do a complete market valuation analysis. Our valuations are based on multiple factors including actual cash flow and hard assets.

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